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Should I Rent A One-Bedroom Or Two-Bedroom Apartment In Carmel?

Whether you’re just starting out in the world, are an empty nester downsizing from a single-family home, or anything in between, you have to make a decision. Do you lease a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom apartment in Carmel? How you make the choice that’s right for you depends on a few things.

What Can You Afford?

You may want a second bedroom, but can you afford the extra cost when compared to a one-bedroom apartment in Carmel? The additional space might be helpful, but if want to use it for storage, consider a detached garage instead.

The cost isn’t all about monthly rent, either, as you might have higher utility costs With an extra room to keep up.

What About All Your Stuff?

Model bedroom in a Carmel apartment.

While you’re deciding between a one-bedroom apartment or a two-bedroom apartment, you should also consider all the stuff you own. If you own multiple quality furniture pieces, the extra space may sound great. If anything, a separate room may be the perfect space for off-season clothes or your sports memorabilia you’d like to show off. With just one bedroom, it’s harder to decide what’s important, and you’ll have to choose which pieces to give to a friend, sell, or toss.

A Spare Bedroom May Mean Visitors

Model bedroom in a Carmel apartment.

If you have friends or family stay the night, they may be more comfortable sleeping in a bedroom instead of crashing on your futon. Out-of-town guests who stay overnight can enjoy a comfortable space they can unwind in with the spare bedroom. (Then again, a one-bedroom might convince out-of-town relatives to get a room at a hotel). If anything, you can reserve the second bedroom for your pet.

Extra Space For Entertaining

Living room in model apartment.

Getting back to your friends: Are you known for entertaining? It may be trickier to comfortably squeeze bigger groups in a one-bedroom apartment in Carmel than in a bigger unit. You may even be able to convert the spare bedroom into an enviable gaming room.

Change The Extra Bedroom Into A Home Office

Home office in a Carmel apartment.

When deciding on a one-bedroom apartment or a two-bedroom apartment in Carmel, the biggest factor may be having an area to work. Home offices are becoming very popular, and it’s nice when you don’t have to pile your computer and documents so they’re covering your coffee table. You can set up a nice fold-away couch or futon for visitors and use the spare bedroom for a workspace. When the work is over, simply shut the door with your work stuff out and you’re prepared for tomorrow.

An Apartment Tour From North Haven Can Help You Decide Between A One Bedroom Or Two-bedroom Apartment In Carmel

Deciding between a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment in Carmel is an important choice. It can be hard to know what’s right for you without taking a tour. Call North Haven Apartments at 317-350-1875 to schedule a visit or you can book a tour online.

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