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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Furnished Apartments In Carmel

February 07, 2022
Modern living room at Park 66 Flats

A furnished apartment in Carmel has all of the furniture you need to live there. When the leasing specialist hands you the key, you can walk straight in and sit down on the sofa without having to purchase or move furniture. This convenience can be an awesome amenity. But are furnished apartments a good option for everybody? Before you sign the lease for a furnished apartment, look at the pros and cons and how they fit your situation. 

The Benefits Of Furnished Apartments In Carmel

Modern living room at Spark Apartments 

Furnished apartments don’t interest everybody, but for some people, they make sense they make sense for many people. If you’re in a situation where you don’t have or don’t want to move your own furniture, a furnished apartment in Carmel could prove advantageous.

Ideal For Short-term Leases

Many people choose a furnished apartment in Carmel when they don’t anticipate to stay there long-term. These Residents are usually students, working the area temporarily, or in between homes. If you need a short-term lease during a transitional period, you don't want to drag along your own dining set. A furnished apartment makes moving in and out more straightforward.

Save Money On Furniture

Not every apartment Resident owns furniture. You could be moving out for the first time or moving from too far away to bring your furniture. A furnished apartment includes all of the necessities and saves you the expense of buying furniture. Then, you can take your time saving up and picking out your own furniture.

Moving Is More Straightforward

Another line item you can save on is movers. Without big furniture, you’ll have a cheaper and easier moving day. You won’t need to recruit friends to move your furniture or pay someone to do it.

The Disadvantages Of Furnished Apartments In Carmel

An eclectic style living room at Union Flats Apartments. 

Furnished apartments provide perks in specific circumstances, but they don’t meet everyone’s needs. Before signing the lease on a furnished apartment in Carmel, here are some points to review.

You Might Not Like The Furniture

Luxury apartment communities take great care of their furnished apartments, but that doesn’t mean you will like the furniture. Everybody has different tastes and needs. The bed might not feel like your own, or the couch might not be your style. You should consider if the ease of a furnished apartment is worth a backache and an eyesore.

Granted, you can find ways to adapt the furniture to work for you. A mattress topper can relieve your bad back, and a slipcover can give the sofa a a color you like better.

You Could End Up With Duplicate Furniture

If you have furniture already have furniture, you probably don’t need a furnished apartment. You might have two of some things, and even the roomiest floor plans will be short on space for it all. If you need a furnished apartment because you want a short-term lease, you could store your furniture in a apartment garage or spare room, but that has its own cost.

Rent Costs More

Perhaps the most obvious downside to furnished apartments is the higher rent. They normally cost more because most furnished apartments have short-term leases and require more maintenance. But the convenience may be worthwhile to you when you compare the expenses of moving costs, a longer lease, or furniture prices.

Ask North Haven Apartments About Furnished Apartments

If you’re searching for a furnished apartment, North Haven can help. We partner with third-party companies to provide comfortably furnished apartments in an attractive community you’ll love calling home. But first, call us at 317-350-1875 or schedule a tour so we can tell you more.