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When To Call Maintenance In Your Carmel Apartment

October 08, 2020

Apartment building in Carmel 

It doesn’t matter if you rent a studio apartment, one-bedroom unit, or a larger apartment, it may be less time than you think before you need a repair done. But, do you know when to call maintenance in your Carmel apartment?

Without question, major issues, like roof leaks and heating, are a no-brainer, but what about minor issues? Is there a need to report lighting outages or carpet damage? Is it smart to try and fix items yourself? 

Request Service For Your Carmel Apartment When Faced With These Problems

Minor bathroom sink repair.

If you find a significant issue – especially one that's structural -- it's typically included in your rental agreement. The following are frequently seen difficulties you may find:

  • Leaking and water damage: If you see water coming in from the apartment above or you encounter a malfunctioning toilet or fridge that causes water damage, notify maintenance promptly.

  • HVAC problems: If your air conditioning stops blowing, or your heat won't turn on, it’s time to make the call. Even if it's pleasant outside, your HVAC should be fully functional.

  • Faulty plumbing: When the toilet is clogged, try to plunge it yourself first. If you have no luck, then give maintenance a call. You should also request service for dripping sinks or shower fixtures.

  • Pest control: Some pests can get into your apartment by attaching to your your shoes or your furry friend. But if you notice any infiltrating insects and pests -- like ants, mice, or wasps – it's the perfect time for your apartment manager to contact an exterminator.

  • Appliance malfunctions: If your freezer won't cool or your stove no longer heats, you need to make the call. Major appliances that were there when you moved in are usually covered, but anything you brought with you – a coffee machine, microwave, mini fridge – is under your control.

  • Door and window damage: Your front and patio doors should close and lock properly. If water infiltration or damage from misuse stops them from easily functioning, they require replacement. The same goes for windows.

  • Drywall, flooring, and other issues: If you spot damage to a wall or a potentially dangerous flooring concern, reach out to maintenance. Frayed carpet might require replacement, specifically if a tack is visible.


What Jobs Should You Do?

Furnace filter being changed.

Not every issue necessitates a call to maintenance. Despite the fact that some property management companies provide assistance with a range of small jobs like lightbulb replacement, it may not always be convenient to adjust your schedule for a maintenance request for minor jobs. These are some everyday undertakings that could take a DIY approach:
  • Light bulbs: When light bulbs are burned out, they can be replaced when you have time. However, if your light appears to burn through bulbs, you should reach out to the service team to see if you have an issue with your electricity. It’s smart to inquire if maintenance provides light bulbs in the event they need changing as specific types are at times required.

  • Clogged pipes and toilets: When your toilet won’t flush, first try a plunger. Likewise, you may need some drain cleaning product to remove the stoppage from the drain. If you need a drain snake, contact the service staff to prevent pipe damage.

  • HVAC filters: Unless documented in the rental contract, you're responsible for replacing the furnace filter. Failing to do so will restrict airflow and impact your apartment’s comfort. If you can't see through the filter, it's time for a change. The maintenance staff may provide or change filters for you, so check with them first.

  • Regular Cleaning: Sad to say, cleaning your Carmel apartment is up to you. And that includes your inside and outside patio areas.


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