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Why You Should Look For 24/7 On-site Apartment Maintenance in Carmel

August 07, 2020
Patio at North Haven

It’s 11:30 at night, and while you’re cleaning up to go to to bed, you feel a light dripping. Glancing up, you notice a wet circle on the ceiling that’s swiftly getting larger. Panic falls upon you as you scamper to find a bucket or waste paper basket to collect the drip.

What’s your next move? Do you have an emergency contact for maintenance? How long will it take for them to arrive? Is this something that will have to wait until normal business hours? Or were you smart enough to rent a complex with 24/7 on-site emergency apartment maintenance in Carmel?

What Exactly Dictates A Maintenance Emergency?

Master bedroom in Carmel apartments.

With a little luck, most of your apartment maintenance queries will be minor. You could see that your clogged sink drain demands a a tad bit more muscle than a bottle of Drano. Or maybe you inadvertently put a gash in the wall while you tried to put up your new TV. These can be bothersome snafus that can be fixed Monday morning instead of needing an urgent house call in the dark of night.

However, there are a few problems that require instant attention. Wait on a busted pipe and all your stuff in your one-bedroom apartment could see significant damage. A malfunctioning smoke detector can keep you -- and your next door neighbors -- up all night. Emergency services may also be warranted when your heat stops working in sub-zero temperatures to a voicemail box, which then forwards to an front-office worker, who then contacts a contractor,who then comes over to your apartment to assess the damage.

The time difference between the two situations can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re more preoccupied about getting to safety . When your building has 24-hour emergency maintenance, then someone who can help should arrive at your apartment within the hour or at least give you a reasonable idea when they’ll be there. That’s much more professional than waiting for hours hoping a contractor will show up.

Three Questions You Should Ask On An Apartment Tour

Exterior view of a Carmel apartment building.

While you tour your apartment and learn about the wonderful apartment amenities in Carmel, make sure to inquire about their maintenance procedures. Especially, ask these questions:
  • Does your apartment complex employ on-site maintenance workers or will they contract out?

  • Can you submit maintenance requests by online or phone?

  • What’s the off-hours maintenance plan of action ? Approximately, how many minutes does it take for maintenance to show up?

These are answers that you should be aware of before it’s 3:00 AM and you’re wading through the rising waters from the upstairs unit’s broken pipe.

North Haven Apartments Is Proud to Use 24/7 On-Site Apartment Maintenance

With North Haven Apartments, we want you to have confidence in your apartment. We staff on-site maintenance technicians that will complete any emergency maintenance request 24/7/365. Just call us at 317-350-1875 or click the “book a tour” button today!